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With its invention of car wax in 1911, Simoniz essentially created the car care industry. 


Today, Simoniz remains the world’s largest producer of the detailing, cleaning and protection products that are used by professional car washes, detailing shops, car dealerships, and private vehicle owners all around globe. It also remains the industry’s most innovative company, having invented a majority of the car care products that are in common use today


For over a century the Simoniz name has been synonymous with the world’s leading cleaning and protection products. As Simoniz’s exclusive distributor for China, Splash is proud to have the opportunity to bring these standards to the world’s largest and fastest growing vehicle market. 


Splash uses Simoniz’s products in all of its washing and detailing centers, and we are also building retail, wholesale and dealership networks for Simoniz’s products to make them more accessible across all of China.

Retail Products

 Car Wash Soap 

Super concentrated washing soap. Rich lather protects your car during cleaning. Rinses away easily.

Wash & Shine

Wash & Wax

 Car Wash Soap 

Washing soap that includes wax for a glossy finish. Rinses away easily.

 Car Wash Soap 

Super thick formula with a great grape fragrance.

Grape Car
Wash Soap

Vanilla Car
Wash Soap

 Car Wash Soap 

Super thick formula with a great vanilla fragrance.

Spray Wash

 Car Wash Soap 

Contains carnauba wax. Environmentally friendly, since no water is necessary.

Tire Shine

 Exterior – Tire 

For a shiny, wet look. Provides advanced protection from the sun. Goes on evenly to restore faded wheels, bumpers and mouldings.

Wheel Cleaner

 Exterior – Wheel 

Specially formulated to remove brake dust and road grime. Safe for painted and chrome wheels.

Bug & Tar Removal

 Exterior – Car Body 

Makes cleaning your car easier than ever. No need for harmful scrubbing. Safe for all types of exterior vehicle surfaces.

Spray-On Shine

 Exterior – Car Body 

High-gloss spray polish. Great on paint, glass and chrome. Ideal for using with Detailing Clay.

Glass Cleaner

 Complete Auto 

Excellent for all glass screens, mirrors and monitors. No silicone, so it's safe on window tint. Ideal for electronics.

All-Purpose Citrus Cleaner

 Complete Auto 

Perfect for cleaning grease and oils from your car’s interior, engine and door jambs. With a great spring fragrance.

Banana Express Wax


A special carnauba wax blend. Easy to apply with no residue. Leaves the finish looking wet and provides great protection. Safe on hot surfaces.

New Shine


Restores "showroom" luster. Removes fines scratches while protecting the finish. Easy to apply with no residue. Safe on hot surfaces.

Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

 Interior – Cleaning 

A special carnauba wax and synthetic blend. For deep gloss and excellent durability. Easy to apply with no residue.

Synthetic Sealer 2.0


Premium sealant and cleaner wax that inhibits corrosion. Maximum wash resistance for extra durability.

Medium Polish Medium Scratch Compound


Corrects medium scratches and paint blemishes. The second and final step in complete paint restoration. Ideal for use with a polisher, but can also be used by hand. Silicone-free formula.

Ceramic Spray Sealant


An excellent water repellent. A quick spray that's easy to apply. Ideal to use after wax. Safe for all exterior surfaces.

Heavy Polish


Corrects heavy scratches and paint blemishes. The first step in complete paint restoration. Ideal for use with a polisher, but can also be used by hand. Silicone-free formula.

Interior Cleaner

 Interior – Cleaning 

A one-step cleaner for treating fabrics, carpets, vinyl and upholstery. Ideal for protecting dashboards, plastics and leather surfaces.

One-Step Polish With Wax


Removes swirl marks, light scratches and other paint blemishes. Restores the paint's glossy finish.
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